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“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”.
- Martin Buber
Travelling is an adventure like no other. It opens up a hitherto unknown world and lets you unravel its magical depths. But only if you are ready to let your inhibitions loose and embrace this new world.
This is where we, Asia Pacific Tours step in to give you that much needed Holiday. Asia Pacific Tours (APT) is an Eco friendly Destination Management Company with an Inbound Division handling tours into India and an outbound division that focuses on tours to the Asia Pacific Region.
Asia Pacific Green Tours is committed to promoting tours to eco-friendly destinations, both within India and in the Asia Pacific Region, with special focus for tours to Kerala within India and tours to Bali in the Asia Pacific Region. Both these destinations stand out in their respective countries as eco-friendly destinations and we have designed diverse packages to bring you eco-sensitive and eco-aware tours.
Do contact us for more details and let's join in our efforts to make this a better planet through eco-awareness at all levels including our holidays!
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Scintillating Cyprus
Luxury Package:
4 day Package
Place: Cyprus

Cambodia & Vietnam
Cambodia & Vietnam
Mysore Palace in the background
Dr. Kolaidaiswamy's Orchid in Tanjavur