Doís and Doníts When You Visit India
  • Respect privacy while taking photographs and ask for prior permission before taking a photograph
  • Observe the sanctity of holy sites and respect local traditions and cultures
  • All non-degradable litter such as empty bottles, tins, plastic bags etc. must be disposed in dustbins only
  • Carry photo ID and passport and ensure you have advance visa for countries where it is required
  • Carry emergency phone numbers of your family members/friends back home
  • Keep your valuables in a safe deposit box in your hotel room
  • Research tourist attractions in advance and pay particular attention to local customs and practices. This will increase your acceptance as a tourist and enrich your trip
  • Exchange money only from recognized sources such as banks or Forex counters at airports
  • Try to support local businesses and initiatives during your eco-travels
  • Donít bring with you any prohibited food items or drugs
  • Donít smoke in public buildings (that includes the hotel), stores and public transport
  • Don't hire any vehicle from unlicensed operators
  • Donít swim in places where Danger signs are placed
  • Do not use pollutants such as detergents, in water bodies while washing and bathing
  • Do not leave cigarette butts or make open fires in the forests
  • Do not take away flora and fauna in any form, especially in the Himalayas since it is vital to protect the bio-diversity of the region
  • Usage of electronic equipments in nature resorts, sanctuaries and wildlife parks should be within decibel norms
Health Tips
  • Wear sunscreen when outdoors to prevent sunburn
  • Ensure you are adequately vaccinated